John Gibson: Don’t forget the top hat and tails!

Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire
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I’m going back a bit. To when Laurel and Hardy called in at the Playhouse. In person. Wish I’d been there. Even if only for an autograph from Stan and Ollie.

Alas, Fred Astaire never managed a personal appearance at Greenside but we’ll have him there for the week starting Tuesday, November 22. In spirit.

Fred stars in the classic Top Hat in a 17-week UK tour on it’s way to the West End. I worship at Fred’s shrine. I’ll have to be there. You’ll be able to pick me out in the crowd in the white tie, white shirt and of course white topper.

Slipped disc

Some 25,000 people submitted their desert island playlists to the Radio 4 website after listeners were invited to name their favourite eight tracks, chosen to correspond with the number of tracks that “castaways” are allowed are allowed on the show.

Accordingly the nation’s favourite desert island disc has been named as The Lark Arising by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. That’s what listeners most like to hear if stranded on an island.

No lark about it. You wouldn’t wish to be stranded along with these old bores. They’d collapse in the sand with a heart attack if they saw Lady Gaga in an itsy-bitsy striding up the beach towards them.

Flame names

I’ve been asked by somebody in authority to nominate from the local populace my Olympics torch bearer. Where does one begin?

I’m thinking veteran Edinburghers and they’d be a danger to the community traipsing in their trainers while holding a flaming torch aloft.

Afterwords . .

. . . what can I say about the Krankies that won’t get me into trouble?