John Gibson: Don’t get the Piggots mixed up

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Who needs St Paul’s? The Luftwaffe evidently thought there was a need for it. They spared it in the Blitz.

Or was that by the grace of God?

Anyway, the landmark cathedral has been in the news again, you couldn’t miss it.

Protesters camping on its doorsteps. Something’s afoot with this shrine to western civilisation run by senior clerics most of them with their heads stuck up their own backsides. Over-exposed on television.

They’ve been doing a mass moody, resigned in droves over the protest. We won’t go into what it’s been all about here.

They’ve been asking “what would Jesus do?” and even he doesn’t have the answer.

But it’s got them on the telly. The BBC, their religious affairs correspondent Robert Piggot, no relation to Lester, particularly perplexed, have given it excessive air time when most viewers didn’t give a damn. Forgive me if I have sinned.

Afterwords . .

. . . Provocative, whine the Argies. Quaking in their boots because we’re sending Wills there with his chopper in the spring.

They didn’t like it up ‘em the first time. Do we have to do it again? Even with Dad’s Navy.