John Gibson: don’t need the reminders

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It does seem there are folk around who are bent on reminding us to remember not to forget to remind TV personalities of their wrong-doings.

Like chef Anthony Worrall Thompson has just been jogged about his shop-lifting folly.

And then there’s adventurer Ben Fogle exhuming the torrid tale about somebody in the same profession revelling in the bizarre name Bear Grylls, who would have viewers believe, in his quest for realism, he was suffering all manner of discomfort in the wild when he was, in fact, snug and safely tucked up in bed sleeping in a hotel

Somebody caught out doing this sort of thing in the Old West would be bundled on to the first stage out of town. Or lynched.

Pulling strings

You should be aware that times are particularly tough for violinists. I’ve had this confirmed by Ken Dodd. And this includes queen of the professionals Nicola Benedetti, who gets a pretty fair tune out of a £6.3 million Stradivarious loaned to her by banker pal Jonathan Moulds.

Pro fiddlers now need to borrow from rich collectors. Humiliating, one imagines. It was never like this with banjos and ukeleles. King of the uke players George Formby could always get by cracking risqué gags on stage, my grandad told me.

Afterwords . .

Listen up, this is veteran vocalist Elkie Brooks talking: “My advice to people starting out would be, read your contract and get advice on it. Ask more questions and be more aware. I should have done that but us musicians tend not to. With music it’s easy to bury your head in the sand.’’