John Gibson: Driver Alex getting off at next stop

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Every chance you won’t recognise him in the street. Alex Eddington always sits with his back to you. Come August, though, you won’t ever catch his bus again.

He’ll be retiring as third longest serving Lothian Buses driver. Says Alex, a familiar face at the company’s garage at the Marine Gardens, Seafield: “I’ll have done 41 years. Currently my shifts start at seven in the morning and finish around seven in the evening.

“I was a conductor for three years until I was 21.

‘‘I’ve got plans for retirement, my wife Sue permitting. I hope to fill in much of my relaxation time indulging in my big hobby, fishing.”

David goes wild

Bet you never twigged. David Attenborough could be a devil out of shot. He turned all tetchy when they kept running a comb through his unruly hair to keep him looking tidy for the cameras when he was in the jungle and crashing through the undergrowth.

Jane Wales, a producer’s assistant on the Life on Earth wildlife series, recalls that Sir David wasn’t best pleased having his locks frequently combed.

Listen, Davie boy, better straggly hair than nae hair and that comes from somebody reared in the jungles of Leith.

Afterwords . .

. . . from singer Dolly Parton and she’s joking: “I wear make-up and it gets a little bit thicker every year.

“People say I look so happy, and I say that’s the Botox.’’