John Gibson: Fibs about the Cabbage and Ribs?

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Don’t want to put the wind up you. But the more cabbage you eat, the more you’ll avoid cancer.

My researcher chums at Aberdeen Uni are urging us to munch as many portions of the much-maligned veg as we can. Maligned and the butt of vulgar mirth.

It can be a bit niffy in the cooking but throw open the kitchen window and you’re laughing. Says Wendy Russell, the doctor leading the project at Aberdeen, assuring me: “There’s convincing evidence that cabbage can protect against particular cancers. Earlier studies have shown that it protects you against prostate cancer.’’

Me, I’ve been a life-long supporter of the Cabbage – the Cabbage and Ribs, Leith rhyming slang for Hibs.

And, you’re right, see where it’s got me.

G’day, Rolf!

Exhumed from the Gibcress File, an occasional series, your columnist snapped in conversation with Rolf Harris in Edinburgh. Rolf was 82 a fortnight ago. And he was married to Alwen, a sculptor and jeweller, 54 years last month. So the celebrations are ongoing. He plans an Edinburgh visit around the Festival and to meet up with a local old hack. Do you know who it is yet?