John Gibson: First, get yourself a smart sentry

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Be on your guard. You’ve always wanted to be one up on he people next door? Here’s the very dab – a genuine, state-of-the-march from Buck Palace sentry box.

It comes up for auction at Bonhams sale in London’s Knightsbridge at the end of this month. Formerly owned by Deputy Master of the Royal Household Lt Col Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson, who spent a childhood in Perthshire and died in 2011 at 81.

Expected to raise more than £7000 when it comes up for grabs.

There’s a snag. If you stuck it outside your house, you’d need a sentry to guard it. It comes without batteries and a sentry. And you’d need to put a permanent shine on your boots.

I’ve bean shaved

Coffee in a lather. We thought we’d heard it all and, of course, we haven’t. There’s a new – let’s say revolutionary – shaving cream with caffeine added. Absorbed by the skin and, they claim, effective in just five minutes.

A substitute, gents, for your early-morning cuppa, invented by an American chemist. Not in the shops yet but available before long at a fiver. A lot of guys with beards are going to start shaving.

Ailing doctors

Roll up your sleeve, you won’t feel a thing.

Further to my piece about the Edinburgh West End Medical Practice’s imminent change of location, the number of GP practices in Scotland has slumped to fewer than a thousand for the first time since records began. We should worry.

Tell me, will the immigrants expected from Romania and Bulgaria include any doctors?