John Gibson: Get fired up over the dragons

dragon boat
dragon boat
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Dragons. Now that I have your rapt attention, read on. So, perhaps, you think Rotarians at their meetings sometimes do little else other than sit on their butts and chunter about nowt in particular.

Not Leith Rotary Club. Its president Ian Webster is stressing that these are busy, nay tumultuous, times for the club and says: “It’s appropriate for Rotary that charities from home and abroad will benefit from our efforts.”

In a tie-up with Ocean Terminal and the Retail Trust on June 23, the Dragon Boat Challenge will be open to crews each of 20 paddlers. Entry fee per sponsored team £100, contact or on Facebook.

Races at Western Harbour start at 10.30am and bring a whole new meaning to “paddle your own canoe, mate!”

But first . . . a concert in South Leith Church at 7.30pm on June 16 by the 50-strong Sing in the City choir and band, musical director Kirsty Baird to the fore.

All proceeds to the Friends of Goboti Appeal, providing education and poverty relief to a village on South Africa’s Eastern Cape. This concert last year raised £3000 to refurbish classrooms there. Tickets £8 at 538 5819 and 332 5848.

Clarrie’s rich twin

Lookalikes. The facial resemblance is remarkable. Uncanny almost... Australian Gina Rinehart has been named the world’s richest woman. Worth £18 billion.

So it wasn’t Clarissa Dickson Wright after all. Like I say, moneybags Gina does look like a younger Clarrie, who doubtless is worth a bob or two.

What she’s got in her Post Office passbook is none of our business anyway.

The 58-year-old late magnate’s daughter keeps salting it away through mining. Must admit I’m green, red and blue with envy. You could say it’s the pits.