John Gibson: Go on, sock it to ‘em Brucie baby!

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To wash ‘em, to wash ‘em nice! From here on I’m going to view Bruce Forsyth in a different light. Here’s a man who, if we are to believe him, washes his own socks and shirts.

Many’s the woman in a man’s life who wishes she could say the same of her partner. Nine out of ten men (make that 99 out of a hundred) have to be dragged screaming from Match of the Day with her bawling sock it to ‘em.

Bruce, belatedly you’ve collared a new fan. Just tell me your laundry day. I’ve got a bundle of socks and shirts here awaiting your magic hands. Do they do dishes, too?

Browned off

We’ve come to rely on him, it’s the BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson recalling brushes with Gordon Brown (remember him?). “Interviews often ended with him tearing off his microphone and storming off. Or worse, he’d forget to tear his microphone off and just storm off with it still attached. He’d hate me for saying this, but I ended up feeling sorry for him.”

Agreed. He did make a pathetic Prime Minister.

You can’t get enough of it. More perceived wisdom from your resident scribbler. Scribbler, he only made one call to get this story. Himmler, he made no calls at all. Boring, I can be boring but I felt obliged to bring you this story.