John Gibson: Gordon was always on right track

Gordon Drummond
Gordon Drummond
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Gordon Drummond could hardly wait for the trams to start rolling. “I’ll have a tram stop right outside my front door,” he forecast, barely able to contain himself.

And, sure enough, he has a stop a matter of three or four strides from the entrance to Harvey Nichols. So he has this “special arrangement” with Edinburgh trams?

It would seem so. But Gordon had been rubbing his hands in anticipation of this additional dimension to Saint Andrew Square. The Square he positively adores. His front garden, in a manner of speaking. We were discussing it as early as 2002 when Gordon took over as the store’s managing director. In with the bricks, so to speak.

We were in the Forth Floor, the top flat of Harvey Nicks with its unrivalled aerial view, of the bustling garden walkway. Little wonder he was grinning broadly. The store is booming, business up year-on-year. Besides Friday nights he has reserved for live jazz. And he will feature at the store a series of classic movies on various Tuesdays that include a three-course meal. Further details from the MD’s office.

There’s no happier gent on the Square, or, indeed, with the trams stopping outside his door.

G’bye Bruce

Can we take this as final, then? Bruce Forsyth, at a ripe old 87 and after 11 seasons in Strictly Come Dancing, is telling me: “You’ll never see me perform again on Strictly but be sure this is the finale. My health tip is don’t eat or drink too much. Be boring, then you’ll have a long life like me. But not on Strictly.”