John Gibson: Green is still the colour for Becky

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Surprise, surprise! The invitation card to Rebecca McEwan’s 18th arrive coloured green and white. Becky, understand, is a diehard Hibby (her dad’s fault), drives to the away games and regrets never having been the Hibs mascot, hand in hand with the team captain as the players trooped onto the Easter Road pitch (dad to blame again).

Says Willie: “It would have been out of order to have my daughter high-profiled while I was in charge of the Hibs Kids. But yes, I raised her as a Hibby and it’s done her no harm.”

Becky is studying sports sciences at Edinburgh College and once she has earned a uni degree, she hopes, she wants to be – no, not the Easter Road physio – a policewoman.

Her birthday will be celebrated at the Madison nightclub in Newhailes Road, Musselburgh, on October 11. You can have a lie-in Rebecca, Hibernian don’t have a match on October 12.

Girl’s a singer

Blast from the past. Former chartist Elkie Brooks, a class singer when she was in circulation, out of the blue plays the Brunton Theatre on Saturday. Give her a big hand.

Speer a thought

Achtung, achtung! It goes on, like the Second World War itself. I’m hooked on Hitler’s Henchmen, screened daily on Quest at four, maybe too close to my bedtime.

But, yes I’m hooked, so hopelessly hooked I’m given to goose-stepping through our newsroom. It’s brazenly repeated and I’ve seen most episodes twice. Almost as fanatical as Hitler’s sheep. I’ve had to shave off my black moustache.

I’ve just watched Speer, one of the henchmen and armaments minister. He got calls from Hitler’s bunker, but Goebbels had no calls at all.