John Gibson: Have you had your Phil yet?

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They’ve all been done and dusted. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Cole Porter and the Neapolitan song book. So where does Philip Contini go from here in the Fringe? Not all that far from his ubiquitous Valvona & Crolla shop in Elm Row where the ristorante for the duration becomes an intimate theatre.

“This will be our 20th year in the Fringe,” says Philip, again doubling as V & C’s managing director and front man/singer with his Be Happy Band. His Fringe friendliness is tangible. “Rather than spotlighting another universally-known personality, as we’ve done up to now, we’ve selected – skimmed the cream, if you like – the most popular items from the Fringe productions since we started here at Elm Row. I was 39 then. Gaawd!

“From August 3 we’ll stage ten shows here, two in our sister Vin Caffe restaurant in Multrees Walk and two in Jenners Princes Street. Strenuous, yes, but I love it!”

Philip and the Be Happy Band present King of the Swingers on Sundays August 11, 18 and 25 at 7pm (£34.50 including dinner) at the Vin Caffe, managed by Francesca, daughter of Mary and Philip Contini. I suspect it’s a family affair.

Flippin’ Eck

Beware! He’s losing it. They’re going to clamp the bracelets on his wrists and bundle him into a van. Alex Salmond, as you’ve suspected this long time, is going loopy, recruiting 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in the next election. A desperate ploy in the extreme.

Now, as delusions of grandeur threaten to consume him, he’s reportedly babbling about blockading the North Sea. What with? The half-finished aircraft carrier from Rosyth?

More pie-the-sky Salmond. Help him,somebody. Before he does any more damage.