John Gibson: He dared to turn the prince away

Russell Sharp. Pic: Comp
Russell Sharp. Pic: Comp
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Turned away at the door. The Prince of Denmark was knocked back at the Caledonian Brewery’s beer/blues festival and Russell Sharp, then the brewery’s managing director is teling me he had the nerve to tell the prince where he could go.

“I thought it was a wind-up,” he recalls. “What business would a real genuine prince possibly have in a brewery’s blues festival in Slateford Road, I thought? Once we’d checked out his credentials, though, we disovered he was was ‘one of the boys,’ loved the music and enjoyed a pint, reckoning it better than Carlsberg.”

Sharp, in reflective mood, was MD at the Caley for 18 years and these days a “flaneur” (out with your dictionary), according to one of his chums. He has something brewing for the year ahead, hundredth anniversary of the death of celebrated naturalist John Muir, born in Dunbar before he emigrated to the States where he is revered.

Sharp added: “I’m thinking about a John Muir Wilderness Ale and what better place to create it than at the Belhaven Brewery, just along the road from Dunbar?”

Afterwords . . .

. . why if it’s not Lulu yapping again, but here’s she’s talking sense! “One of my first laws would be to create local and national panels of over-65s to advise coucils and the Government on a whole range of issues. The country would benefit from their wisdom and experience and the panels would also be a reminder of the important role our parents and grandparents can play in our daily lives.” Shout about that, Lulu!