John Gibson: He’s still at the helm at Harvey’s

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In with the bricks. Well, near enough. Just how long ago? Harvey Nicks on St Andrew Square opened 11 years back and Gordon Drummond, who runs the proceedings there, took over eight months later.

I’ve never known Gordon anything other than upbeat and right now he’s on a particular high, what with trams due to trundle into the Square – there’s a stop virtually outside Harvey Nicks’ door – and a series of festive events planned for this dear green space.

There’s nobody quite as possessive about the Square, and the vista from the store’s top floor remains one of the Capital’s finest.

The furniture had been rearranged in the restaurant since I was last in and exec chef Stuart Muir is assailing diners with a morsel of George Bernard Shaw thus: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Will Gordon, above, still be in love with the store and the Square in another decade? He laughed that one off.

Happy birthday

You’Ve forgotten already. Nana Mouskouri, the drop-dead chanteuse and self-styled White Rose of Athens, was on Sunday a year short of her 80th. Of more import, alto saxophonist Lee Konitz was a staggering 86 the same day.Play something for me, Lee.

Afterwords . . .

. . . Well, you can’t say he’s not happy with his lot. This is Sir David Attenborough talking: “I am the luckiest soul I can think of. I am 87 and I know a lot of people who are 87, good friends of mine who are 87, who can’t get out of a chair. And it’s not because they are evil or done bad things. They’re great people. It’s just, I’m lucky. And it would seem almost ungrateful not be doing it if you can do it.”