John Gibson: Here’s how to salute an officer

Attention: Dad's Army
Attention: Dad's Army
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I thought I’d dodged the call-up. Seems they still need me for Dad’s Army because the War Office have sent me a copy of Infantry Training – The National Serviceman’s Handbook.

A reliable military source, peering at the publication over my shoulder as we lunched, stopped at page 33, paragraph three and I quote: “A soldier is sitting when an officer approaches, will stand to attention, facing the officer, and salutes with the hand.’’

My old soldier chum argues that a soldier must salute except when wearing headdress.

All I know is that the war is over and Tempus have published the book at £9.99. First published by the War Office in 1955. Fight among yourselves.

Act your age

It happened so long ago, I can’t recall how I’ve come to think ill of Honor Blackman. We had, what shall I say, words, somewhere in Edinburgh.

Water under the bridge and here she is now, at 86 and widowed, living up to her fiest reputation, with: “I’m used to people saying ‘I hope I look as good as you at your age’ and I don’t make any comment.’’

Honor strongly disapproves of Sean Connery, who knew her as Pussy Galore.

Afterwords . .

. . . Spoiled brats? What are you havering about now, Gibbo? That was a quite charming snap of Princess Beatrice, fancy hatted as ever, with a £450 handbag showing a picture of her dog Max. Get Jenners or Primark to do one for you and your mutt.