John Gibson: Hope and glory night for patriots

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Weekend scene, yours truly in a swath of Union flags and the Land of Hope and Glory and did those feet in ancient times . . . you know how it goes.

You never know when you’re going to need a Union flag. I always have one in reserve in case we hear the sound of jackboots clattering on the pavement.

Saturday night was one of those nights when the screen was all red, white and blue Union flag and soul-stirring stuff like the aforementioned pieces. Patriotic gems seemed to have gripped the BBC.

The Corporation appointed a woman – Marin Alsop – as conductor of the BBC Ork and chose to have her perform in the Royal Albert Hall, of all places. The Royal Albert, I have to say, did look quite magnificent. Imagine the tales that conductor will have to tell the folks when she gets back home to Baltimore.

It was, without becoming too emotional, quite moving watching her on the podium.

Educational close-ups of the top musicians in the Ork.

At one stage it looked like we were going to have the entire score from The Sound of Music at no extra charge.

Rumour Miller

I don’t believe it either, that the London Lord Mayor’s distinctive blond hair came out of a bottle. For absolute authenticity I’d have to double-check with Edinburgh’s authority in this department, Charlie Miller, but Charlie has other things to do these days and, come to think of it, so has your columnist.