John Gibson: Hoping to top target with the tree

Rebecca Adlington.  Pic: Ian Rutherford
Rebecca Adlington. Pic: Ian Rutherford
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Go for it! The Light-a-Light Christmas tree in Charlotte Square is a sure-fire fund raiser for St Columba’s Hospice and this time, on a later date of Monday December 16, it’s hoped to top last year’s truly grand total of £100,000.

Sir Tom Farmer will switch on at 6.30, assisted by Chloe Black who was four when her father died of cancer in the Hospice. Jen Wood, PR and communications manager for the Hospice, is optimistic.

“We think that shifting the switch-on closer to Christmas will bring more people into the Square, gates open at 5.30. The Light-a-Light tradition on the Square has become crucial for St Columba’s.”

Nice girl Becky in at deep end

Compassion. Oozes from every pore in my body. Can’t help feeling sorry for Rebecca Adlington. Such a sweet, demure-looking lass when she was doing it for Britain in the Olympics, and see the horrible mess she’s got herself into now.

Becky, all tears and misgivings, has pulled out of her third I’m a Celebrity challenge, reportedly on medical grounds. How did a nice girl like her become snared in a nonsense like that in the first place?

Countless companies, one imagines, would be delighted to take her on board even if just for her name and reputation and recruit her in a suitably paid job.

I’d swim to her rescue myself but minus the water wings my capabilities as a swimmer, honed at Leith Vic baths, would see me floundering.