John Gibson: How’s this for a train of thought?

Actor Richard Wilson. Picture: AP
Actor Richard Wilson. Picture: AP
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Have today’s kids run out of steam? Nobody wants to be an engine driver any more when they grow up. Mothercare’s poll of a thousand young ‘uns up to 11 given the choice of a career plumped for a doctor or footballer or, yes for boys, a dancer.

That must be what come of watching Strictly Comes Dancing. Do they really, really and truly, want to be a Bruce Forsyth rather than drive a 250mph train? A Ken Dodd isn’t so namby-pamby but then I reckon one Doddy’s enough.

I have to wonder why Mothercare discovered that nobody wanted to be a journalist. It seems the once noble profession has lost most of its glamour. I dare to vouch for it.

I’ve been in newspapers lifelong. As a callow youth I delivered them round the houses and subsequently, once I secured a foot over the door at North Bridge I was warned to beware of hot metal.

What’s that? At this stage I prefer not to be involved. If you’re on Mothercare’s radar, get along to your Jobcentre and ask to speak to a Mr Caxton. Meantime, we’ll keep holding the front page.

Afterwords . . .

Do you belieeeve it? Richard Wilson saying: “Sometimes I wish I had a significant relationship. A lot of the time I do what I want because I’ve go no-one else depending on me.

“But there are times when I’m lonely. I’m in favour of gay marriage. I think it’s splendid. But I don’t think it’s going to affect me. But you never know. I am still looking in a way.

“It’s complicated in that I don’t live in a gay relationship. When I was doing One Foot in the Grave I thought it wasn’t really what the public wanted to hear.”