John Gibson: I now have a rash of complaints

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Further to the mesmerising item in this column on moustaches . . . 
trouble, stubble, boil and bubble. It’s beards now. Not the fluff Jeremy Paxman’s been peddling. Real beards. Seagoing beards.

All the nice girls love a sailor, went the hit song and you have to stroke beards, nursed specifically by submariners, to see the right stuff.

Hairdresser Toni & Guy (they have a branch in George Street) says that TV shows such as Boardwalk Empire, have provided an acceptable face to men with stubble.

Gillette, even with 60 per cent of world shaving product sales, are running scared over beards, when they should be keeping their chins up. I won’t regale you with the beard I cultivated for a while, else we’ll get a rash of complaints.

A fine art

What am I bid for this? Often as not it would be a carnation in the lapel of his tux. Alex Meddowes, probably Edinburgh’s best-known fine arts broker, had this beguiling habit at the end of the evening, when the fiddlers have fled, of raising every penny for charity at some dinner or other.

“I’ve not been asked to front a charity auction for some time. Out of sight, out of mind,” he told me ruefully. “But I’d still be happy to do one.”

Meanwhile, Alex at his Royal Terrace office/home is having an exhibition there from December 2 to January 10 of Unseen Works by arguably the best of the Scottish Colourists, John Duncan Fergusson (1874-1961).