John Gibson: Is raunchy still the word for Rula?

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As a rule, Rula Lenska and me, we don’t gab all that much. Not these days. But she has an autobiography out and she wants me to talk about it. Well, why not?

We last broke bread just the other day (in truth November 2007) and Dome director Brian Crawford had invited us both to one of his champagne parties there in George Street.

Rula, who was to have her hair down with Jason Miller next day, had been starring along with Marti Webb, Toyah Wilcox and Lorraine Chase for an Edinburgh week at the King’s. Hot Flush, it was called. Even just to write about the play in this column still has me embarrassed.

Colourful today and clubbing in London, where she lives, at 66.

She’d been clubbing the night before, at Tramp where Brian Crawford is director. “I used to be able to party three nights in a row,” she conceded. “Now it takes three days to recover. So I get out maybe two nights a week.’’

Rula reckons ten of the 16 years she had with Dennis “Minder” Waterman were “the best in her life”. Full name Countess Roza Maria Laura Leopoldyna Lubienska. Born in London but she’s Polish.

By the way, a postcard from Palm Beach tells me Mr Crawford is chilling out in the Florida sun.

Afterwords . . .

. . . Robert De Niro and he’s talking to you: “We can’t play certain parts any more. We’re playing the father or the grandfather or the great grandfather and that can be written in a funny way. But you’re not carrying the movie as the young romantic lead. I’m hoping that if things work out with digital technology, they can finally make us look younger and I can go on for another 40 years.”