John Gibson: It’s all in the name of Saint Pat

John Dixon
John Dixon
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Could you scoff a full Scottish (call it Irish) breakfast, the works, black pudding, bangers and all, at eight in the morning? Try me!

My innards are readying for the onslaught with the St Patrick’s Day Breakfast coming up fast, set for March 14. Again in the Caley Hotel’s Castle Suite. Again hosted by Georgian Antiques, with the company’s managing partner John Dixon at the helm.

Says the ever convivial John: “We’ve made this something of a ritual, this being our tenth year hosting the event. Ideally we’d have had it on St Patrick’s Day but it falls on a Sunday and, besides, many of our 120 guests will be embroiled in a rugby weekend in Edinburgh.”

Georgian Antiques, with a staff of 18 running the five-storey premises in Leith, will be 35 years old before long. Among the guests, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who will give the event his blessing. His Eminence’s birthday is on St Pat’s day. He’ll be 75. Surely a birth date made in heaven.

Patsy’s no fatsy

She’s back. She can be feisty. But she is invariably photogenic. Patsy Kensit is now trying to figure things out in the wake of her latest marriage breakdown, her fourth.

“When I was younger I was always a size six to eight. I was criticised for being too thin but over six months after my 31st birthday I gained three stone and I’m five feet three inches, every pound shows.

“It was as if God had flicked a switch and metabolism had changed. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes. Suddenly in the papers I was Fatsy Patsy. Seeing those things written about you hurts.”

What the hell, Patsy! We’re still giving you a second look.