John Gibson: It’s tasty, salmon out of a tin

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Something fishy going on here? I’ve had Bill, an oceanographer pal of mine from Craigentinny known as BB (short for Barnacle Bill), confirm that John West and Chris West are not at all related.

John’s renowned for his tinned salmon, while Chris is the new chief exec of Edinburgh Zoo. Professor West apparently is a specialist in pandas and their procreation. As good a recommendation as any, I suppose.

He has come over from Adelaide Zoo and the Aussies don’t part with their professors lightly.

Odd things have happened here on Corstorphine Hill these past few years. A new heid bummer’s what’s needed.

By the way, before I began circulating in more sophisticated circles I much preferred salmon out of a John West tin. Made a tastier sandwich with a touch of pepper, Nigella agrees.

Now, I salivate over grilled fresh salmon with buttered asparagus on the side, as May Paton will testify.

You’re wondering what business an oceanographer has residing in Craigentinny. And why not? I know of an embalmer who lives in Leith and a taxidermist perfectly happy in his council house in Tranent.

Past pence

To coin a phrase, we’re losing the plot. There are rumblings about the penny in your pocket. A campaign’s afoot to have the penny consigned to history. There are 11 billion in circulation.

Can you imagine? An existence when nobody will be saying in our everyday lingo “ten a penny”, “in for a penny’,’ “penny for the guy”.

Hardly bears thinking about. Penny for your thoughts.