John Gibson: It’s time for Graham to move on

Graham Kenny, owner of Has Beans. Pic: Grag Macvean
Graham Kenny, owner of Has Beans. Pic: Grag Macvean
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He’s been in the kitchen and he’s rattled those pots and pans. For some 30 years and for the past 11 of those he has combined rustling up the grub in his compact kitchen with fronting the house at Has Beans Coffee Shop in the Canongate.

Graham Kenny reckons it’s “time to move on” and yesterday he transferred the place to new ownership.

“At the tender age of 57,” he swiftly added. “Just a bairn at heart. I’ve been around, cheffing at Cafe Royal, the Roxburghe Thistle Inns before they became Festival Inns and for four years I was a hotelier, owner of the Marchhall Hotel.

“I’ve seen a whole lot of changes here in the Canongate. I’ve seen the shop next door, for instance, change hands four times. I’ve had more than enough of cheffing. I need a change of location and from Monday I’ll be seeking gainful employment, as they say.”

Berlin the money

For Fritz is a jolly good fellow. On der dole? A hoary old question and it’s your starter for ten: who won the war? Them or us. Meaning the Germans or the Brits, of course.

I’m sure I’ve got your dander up when I tell you some 10,000 Britons living in Germany are claiming unemployment benefit of £23,300 a year from the German taxpayer.

It’s the EU rules and Frank N Furter isn’t best pleased. We thought the UK was a soft touch. I’d hate to be a counterhand in the Jobcentre in Dresden, Cologne and Dusseldorf.