John Gibson: It’s treeson by our city councillors

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Woodchoppers have been having a ball running amok chopping down trees to make way for trams. This is bare-faced “treeson”, folks. Plain and simple.

How have Edinburgh’s councillors got away with it? Are they within their rights? They’re brassing it out with propaganda, saying there was prior consultation.

A likely story, seeing how they’ve raped and pillaged entire streets, plundered patches of greenery . . . Haymarket, Murrayfield, Shandwick . . . we are amazed and incensed at once. Remember how Leith Walk was tramatised.

The damage has been done. A classic fait accomplit. Remember, too, to vote these cavalier councillors out next election. Meantime, Edinburgh’s Great Trams Fiasco trundles on unabated.

Costing the Earth. To the extent it’s now qualifying for the world stage. Hollywood is talking about making a disaster movie of it.

It really stinks

It’s foul play, I tell you. Dogs doing the lavvy in public places has become so endemic for a parish council in Gloucestershire that councillors have been talking about the owners being photographed and having their pictures posted on a website.

Parish councilllors would use their mobile phones to take snaps of offenders. The familiar story of a mindless minority spoiling it for others.

May I introduce here a whiff of the Jeremy Clarksons, right, advocating they should face a firing squad.

Afterwords . .

. . .Wot, no new Gail Porter pictures in the papers this new year? Come on, give Gail a chance. It’s early doors. She’ll think of something.