John Gibson: It was cruel seeing Mr Sinden!

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Never got to know her. She’s just passed on. But I could never forget her husband, Jack Hawkins. The voice. The Cruel Sea.

Nor could I forget Sir Donald Sinden, who played alongside Jack in the film classic.

Only now have we learned that Doreen Hawkins nearly married Peter Cushing instead, but Cushing. who made a more than comfortable living from horror movies, put the frghteners on her.

She and Jack were married a lifetime, producing three children.

Sinden, pictured above, unforgettably put the frighteners on me in our Edinburgh confrontation.

What a laugh

Nothing but laughs. My instant and lingering picture of Duggie Middleton, who died suddenly at his Trinity home recently. “Midd” as I knew him. I never knew his “serious” side. No regrets at all there.

We were workmates at North Bridge, so the lecturer part of him was foreign to me. And, I have to say, much of the badinage between us was toilet humour. But in the best possible taste, understand. Midd was a big rugby man, me football.

Big, meaning big physically, A staunch Herioter. Me a Leith Academical, where Leith Accies functioned in a football-orientated school.

My recollection of Duggie Middleton can’t be anything other than humorous. Sometimes bordering on riotous.

Glad, so much a pleasure, to have known him.