John Gibson: It zoomed to No 1 in Mongolia

Anjelica Huston. Picture: Reuters
Anjelica Huston. Picture: Reuters
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Already number one in the charts in Mongolia and probably a brisk stocking-filler seller at Erskine Stewart’s Melville College whose choristers ware participants on the 98 minutes-long DVD featuring highlights from the year’s Tattoo.

This was the 64th star-spangled extravaganza up there on the Castle Esplanade, so grab your copy now at £17.95. Before stocks run out.

For health reasons – Dr Strabismus’ prescribed elixir didn’t work – I was unable to take my seat in the box, so the DVD is a wondrous consolation.

Reminds me, for the first time I didn’t meet up with John Smith, who regularly produced the show for BBC telly. See you next year, John, for the 65th in the series.

Would the Mongolians care to participate in Strictly Come Dancing, one wonders?

Burnout on beat

Next time you want to know the time, maybe you shouldn’t ask a policeman. More and more of them are taking sick leave. It’s the stress, anxiety and depression that goes with the job these days, says former police chief Tim Jackson, national deputy secretary of the Police Superintendents’ Association.

Talking England and Wales, more than 3,580 officers took time off, “burned out”, last year. So when you ask a policeman for the exact time, make sure he’s not stressed.

Afterwords . . .

. . . courtesy of the daughter of one of my all-time favourite actors/directors, John Huston. Says Anjelica: “George Clooney. I just don’t see those kind of guys any more. We are over-populated and I don’t think men are as testosterone-heavy as they used to be, I honestly don’t. Maybe it’s just because I’m older. But I think men are the new women.”