John Gibson: Jim’s still waiting for that call!

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Not best pleased. Jim Donnelly has written and recorded a ditty called Hibs We’ll Follow You. He’s doing a bit of a moody.

He’s telling me he personally hand-delivered a copy of the disc to Easter Road reception with high hopes it would merit at least one spin on the club’s public address.

“I followed up with a phone call and I was assured by a spokesperson in their media department that they’d ring me back but I’ve never heard from them again. Not even the courtesy of a call. I’m bitterly disappointed,’’ claims Jim.

He’s 73, a retired engineer from Drylaw, and this isn’t his recording debut. A good few years back he recorded a song for the Mexico World Cup and he adds: “Radio Forth played it and the late Hibs and Hearts legend Alan Gordon, who worked at the station, gave it a plug.

“We called ourselves the Edinburgh Tartan Boys. We were semi-professionals and we sold 600 copies.

“This one is very up-tempo and those who’ve heard it do like it.

“With Hibs toiling near the foot of the table it’s not the idea time to bring out such a record, then again may it is. The spirits do need uplifting.’’

Another stray bawl, by the way. The next book featuring a former Hibernian hero is There’s Only One Sauzee: When Le God Graced Easter Road.

A launch on October 13 and a wee blast from Frank’s past, Stuart Lovell, will be among the ex-players there.

The daily grind

Five cups of coffee a day and you could be hearing things. All in the mind. You could be listening to Bing Crosby singing White Christmas when, in fact, White Christmas isn’t playing and Crosby’s not singing.

Researchers at a university in Melbourne have discovered that caffeine is the “most commonly used psychoactive drug”. I thought we already knew that.

Five cups can make people hallucinate. It could be worse. You could get woozy and imagine you’re listening to Ringo Starr.

I’ll try six cups tomorrow and may be I’ll get lucky and hear Sinatra or Buble doing their thing.