John Gibson: Karen’s out to snare the poachers

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Born free and take her to tusk. Here be elephants you’ll never forget. Their fate in Kenya is “breaking my heart”, says Karen Laurence-Rowe who has arrived in Edinburgh this week to draw our attention to their plight.

She’ll exhibit her paintings at fine art broker Alexander Meddowes’ studios in Royal Terrace, part of her campaign to tackle poaching of Kenya’s wildlife. A specific work for her charity by silent auction is “Northern Ranger”, 59-inch square in oil of an elephant.

She’s saying: “Almost daily we’re bombarded with sickening images of elephants and rhinos brutalised by poachers for their tusks and horns. I can no longer stand aside and do nothing.

“I’ve always been an artist with a huge passion for wildlife in Kenya and elsewhere and the recent spate of horrific killings is breaking my heart. Comes a time when you have to put your money where your mouth is.

“I’ve chosen to paint an elephant as they are the cornerstone of the tourism industry that community conservancies like Northern Rangelands Trust rely on. Community rangers are fighting night and day to protect them against a huge demand for ivory emanating from the Far East.”

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