John Gibson: Koko’s one of the family at Dofos

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A job going for somebody here.

In a dramatic change of mind, Denise Davidson decided against selling Dofos, the landmark pet centre at the London Road/Elm Row roundabout – these last 35 years – and will instead be converting parts of the formidable building into a resident veterinary practice and a grooming parlour.

She tells me: “Our function as one of the Capital’s longest-established pet shops is ongoing but the vet facility here will be new, as will a grooming parlour within the building. And the emphasis will be on Dofos as a family business. Within this community we have Koko, a 30-year-old African Grey parrot, currently perched in his cage on the steps of the shop, wolf-whistling at all the women as they sashay by.”

Koko, as reported in the News, also sings Glory, glory to the Hibees. I feel obliged to report the cookie Koko to the RSPCA.

Talking nonsense

Mumbles, jumbles. Viewers have been complaining about the dialogue in too many of the TV shows. BBC boss Tony Hall agrees. Poor diction and muttered lines.

That has involved in the main the mangling in the Beeb’s dramas. So bad, some of it has had to be re-edited. Never mind the drama, how about the news coverage? Reporting Scotland’s weather woman Judith Ralston is a consistent waffler, her colleagues in Glasgow surely agree.

That said, pay particular attention to the supreme mangler of the Queen’s English, STV’s continuity person. She’s there for life at Pacific Quay, formerly of Cowcaddens. How does she survive? Meantime, a crash course in Swahili or Urdu might help viewers decipher what she’s on about.