John Gibson: Last chance to catch Burt

Burt Bacharach. Picture: Reuters
Burt Bacharach. Picture: Reuters
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PUT on a spurt for Burt. You want to see Bacharach in the flesh. Seats for his Usher Hall concert on Saturday week are selling fast, his publicists assure me. As they would. And remember, he’s cracking. There’ll come a time when raindrops stop falling on his head.

All of 85 and this could be the last chance to pay homage to the co-composer of Raindrops, Anyone Who Had a Heart and countless other songs to remember.

He’s calling this his ‘‘They Have To Be Kidding’’ tour. His writer partner Hal David died last year, after they’d split in 1973.

At one time so handsome it hurt, Burt has been to hell and back. More than once. He hasn’t always whistled a happy tune. Nonetheless, women will turn up in droves to see how he has coped with his advancing years.

This is his fourth marriage and he’s bound to mention his domestic scene, past and present. The to-die-for Angie Dickinson more than enough to be going on with for starters. He won’t be talking about his daughter Nikki who in 2007 committed suicide at 40.

Question: have you seen Robert Redford lately?

Caves to crave

“Nothing to do with me. It’s the family’s business,” Reticent sportsman Norrie Rowan talking. Proud, though, that daughter Lisa and son Norman, who run the Caves venue in Niddry Street South, have won a Scottish Small Businesses of the Year Award.

Among the high-profile names who booked the subterranean premises this year, Richard Branson, and Sir Richard said he’d be back. Shame they don’t have a landing strip in Niddry Street.