John Gibson: Let’s hear it from the girls here!

Joan Collin. Picture: AP
Joan Collin. Picture: AP
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We’ve got the girls right here. Anything they can do down south, we can do just as well. If not better. Canterbury Cathedral is to be blessed with its first ever all-girls choir.

Twenty pupils, aged 12 to 16, will be auditioned at local secondary schools to for the choir by the end of this year. To be named the Canterbury Cathedral Girls Voluntary Choir. Good gigs to be had. Maybe Songs of Praise. They’ll stand in for them at Canterbury when they’re on holiday.

Nothing to stop a similar all-girls choir being formed here at our cathedrals, the Episcopalian and the Roman Catholic.

They’d be particularly welcome at the Episcopalian, preferable to the booming bells of St Mary’s. Besides, we could have the Great British Choir-Off.

Eat and cheat

If you want to be just like Joan Collins, do what she does: “I eat an avocado every day. It’s amazing for your skin. It’s one of the super-foods and I’m just so into eating properly and healthily . . . I was voted the most beautiful girl in the world in 1958 and courted by every young, available man in Los Angeles, most of whom I didn’t go out with, by the way.”

And this is her kid sister, novelist Jackie, adding her tuppenceworth: “To my knowledge I’ve never been cheated on but if someone cheated on me I would cut it off. I have a wild, jealous Sicilian streak. Even though I am not Sicilian, I have the streak.”

You don’t mess with Jackie Collins.