John Gibson: Let’s raise our glasses to Rikki

Rikki Fulton
Rikki Fulton
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Own up. It’s always been your ambition, when you’ve been burning rubber on Route 66 Tulsa-bound, to be pulled up by a Highway Patrol officer, the trademark shades jauntily decorating his helmet. Like you’ve seen in the movies.

Well no more. Not if you expect some day that scene to be re-enacted on a Fife motorway. The Kingdom’s couthy coppers have been banned from wearing mirrored sunglasses.

Gordon Scott

Gordon Scott

These flash gung-ho shades are on Fife Constabulary’s new prohibited list. It’s in the Dress and Personal Appearance Standard Procedure Guide.

They’d have been obliged to consult Rikki Fulton, a leading authority on police patrolmen with their glasses, had he still been with us.

I’m picturing that classic scene where, off his bike, Rikki’s dignity is dented as he all but loses his glasses. Unforgettable.

Mile sigh club

Back on the Royal Mile after three weeks of burning up the courses in Marbella, Trattoria owner and golfing nut Gordon Scott.

“Running a ristorante on the Mile isn’t easy,” he says, sobbing into his napkin (who said it is?) “and people like me need to grab a break in the sun to preserve our sanity.”

Sufficiently sane to recall the names of the Edinburgh chums he swung with over there, among them Alex and Anne Miller, Rod and Marilyn Spinks, Gerry and Addie D’Agostino, Jim Tullis and Anne Marie, Jennifer Cheyne and Cliff Anderson.