John Gibson: Long arm of the law at Stockaree

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I’ve had the lawyers on my back. Not you, too, Gibbo, some of my pals are chortling. Aye, they get to us all. Be a lawyer and you’re made.

The Faculty of Advocates Choir are looking for a plug for their annual Christmas concert and I’m always careful to oblige. You just never know when you’ll need a QC, if and when your case comes up.

So yes, Ross, what can I do for you this time? Ross Macfarlane is artistic director of these venerable songsters.

“It’s a been-there-and-done-that in some respect,” he tells me. “We’ve staged this concert in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Notre Dame in Paris and off Broadway in New York.

“This year we’re back down to Earth, so to speak, staging the concert, again for charity, in Stockbridge Parish Church this Saturday at 7pm. We’ll finish by 8.15, so it’s a chance for folk to bring along their younger children.”

Tickets at the Christian Bookshop on The Mound (ring 718 41410 or at the church door on the night from 6.30. I urge the good Christians among my readers to be there and enjoy. To plunge into the spirit.

Good luck with your choir again, Ross, and may the Lord be with you all. I’ve got a derby to attend the day after, so this show will be way past my bedtime. I don’t suppose you could slip in a song, or a prayer, for me.

Afterwords . .

Have you seen Kate Silverton read the BBC news? Think not of her, think of Clemency, her year-old daughter. Only natural she’s full of her. It’s an OTT obsession. Kate’s very mumsy on the box.