John Gibson: Loving the Bee Gees and people

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I’VE DINED out on this often enough. Too often, you may feel. Understand, I’d met Bee Gee Barry Gibb long before he knew Linda Gray, now his wife. Before he’d begun to jive talk her.

Sue Lindsay was back at her West Lothian home with husband Andrew. Just back from their latest foray to Barry’s home in Miami.

Linda, a Musselburgh girl, won a beauty contest I’d judged in East Lothian. Linda and Sue have been close pals some 40 years. There’s no getting away from the Bee Gees, Sue agrees.

“We’ve just had three weeks in Miami. Barry and Linda also have place in London and we’ll go down to see them there in September on their UK tour.”

How does Sue manage? “Don’t ask me. I really don’t know. Andrew and I have a small bed-and-breakfast business. I guess I cope because I’m very much at ease with people. Call me a people person.”

You could say she’s staying alive and loving it.

Vlad all over

There’s the Trossachs, then there’s Transylvania. A world of difference as the Prince of Wales well knows, having benefited from a Gordonstoun education, so he is speaking authoritatively when he says: “I am descended from Vlad the Impaler (no relation, we assume, to Vlad the Tynie tycoon), so I do have a lot at stake in the country.” Romania’s Transylvania was the original vampire country.

If you happen to encounter a vampire when next your traipse through the Trossachs tell our First Minister about it. Mr Salmond won’t have to thrust a crucifix (beloved of movie directors) at it. He’ll chase it with a Saltire. Or just go as yourself, Alex.