John Gibson: Magic’s the word for petit (petit) Paul

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An early warning system’s what I operate here. So don’t say you’ve not been warned. Heads under the duvet. Quick!

Petit Paul Daniels and the positively delicious Debbie McGee, bus passes tucked snugly in their pockets, reportedly will hit the road soon with The First Farewell Tour.

The 48 stops will include Livingston’s Howden Centre and Ayr’s Gaiety, which, you’ll concur, is just their style. Paul’s 75 and Debbie’s a mere bairn at 54. L’il ole baby snatch, the wee man. Drives you to drink, just to think about it. A certain magic about odd couple. Make mine a Babycham.

Soon as I hear of their Edinburgh date, I’ll let you know. Meantime, take cover.

Heartfelt music

I have it on good authority. This is all it needs to buck up your heart, give it a try. Listening for 30 minutes a day to the songs that made you happiest can be a tonic for your heart. All to do with endorphins released from the brain. So says the European Society of Cardiology after a study of people with cardiac disease.

So this is how you mend a broken heart? Don’t talk to me about it, talk to the Bee Gees. Stayin’ Alive for starters to that therapeutic half-hour?


. . Small beer? Barely enough to wet the glass. But Freedom of Info is sporting enough to reveal that an MSP’s expenses claim for last year included 38 pence for a mouse mat. An MSP’s wages now top £57,000 a year. It’s only money.