John Gibson: Mimi’s are keeping it in the family

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There’s Gemma. And Ashley. And there’s Natalie. Sisters three. Then there’s Michelle and Michael Phillips. That’s mum and dad, known as Mimi’s, nifty name for their tea and cakes shop by the Shore in Leith.

Says Michelle, she was the permanent welcoming smile: “We are what essentially you’d call a ‘family concern.’ This week is our third anniversary here and this summer we opened a similarly-themed shop in the Canongate, though more of a takeaway.

“We were chuffed when last week the Royal Bank’s chief executive, on his first visit to Leith, dropped in for afternoon tea.

“Gemma, the baker, is about to get married and looking to live somewhere close by, Ashley, 27, is coming back to us after five years in Dubai and Natalie plays a key role at the counter. It’s all very cosy, very family.’’

Mike, who is front-of-house with wife Michelle, and always on the premises, adds: “We had the Celtic players jog past our front door recently and I was peeved when they didn’t come in. I’m very much into football. Celtic aren’t my team but Scott Brown and his co-players would have been served cream scones on the house.’’

Afterwords . . .

. . . whatever will they think of next! J & D’s Foods have created a deodorant scented with bacon.

With ketchup or HP? Must be a good idea for David Beck-ham. Go on, Posh, get him a roll-on for Christmas. You yourself drool over a bacon sarnie.