John Gibson: No laughs for Capital giraffes

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Martha and Gilbert won’t ever look the same to me. Not after the appalling, totally uncivilised treatment inflicted on another of their species by the Danes. How could they!

Talking about the 22ft high Martha and the lesser Gilbert, erected in admirably sculpted recycled metal in 2005 at the top of Leith Walk outside the Omni Centre and funded at £50,000 by the centre. Undoubtedly a monumental asset to Edinburgh.

Now the devilish Danes – I never knew they had it in them – at their zoo in Copenhagen have shot dead a healthy 18-month-old giraffe named Marius, pictured, ‘‘surplus’’ to their require-ments and, in front of an invited audience of school-children, fed him to the zoo’s lions.

Martha and Gilbert, you’d imagine, must be appalled. Tell you this, I’ll never again scoff a Danish pastry. And I’ve gone off Carlsberg.

Cook the books

Of all the TV chefs – and there are more of them about than you’ve pots and pans on your shelves – none could bring my blood faster to the boil than Antony Worrall Thompson. This was before he was done for shoplifting in 2012.

His kitchen at home, scene of his telly series, was such a clutter. The customary utensils apart, he’d have it littered with house plants etc. Everything except the kitchen sink which was there too, visible through the maze.

Worrall T keeps on about that conviction. He is reportedly carping: ‘‘I’m still seeking answers. I’ve seen a top psychiatrist but nobody has come up with answers.’’

No surprise then that Why? is the working title for his book. I’m suggesting he should consider Edinburgh as somewhere somebody would give him a lift, with a profusion of hotels opening in the Capital. Bound to be a job for him here. By the way, where have all your flowers gone?