John Gibson: No stranger here on the Shore

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NO COMPLAINTS about the food. The right stuff. There’s no better restaurant than Giuliano’s in all of the port and, yes, the sun was shining on Leith the night I was there.

The magnet for me, though, wasn’t in tantalising the taste buds. It was the music. Roberto Enzo is still resident there every Monday. No stranger on the Shore.

And there’s no better accordionist in the UK, far as I known. For sure, no better exponent of material from the popular songbook. Jazz, if you like.

Enzo, based in East Kilbride, has a claim to notoriety. He was once “chased” from Glasgow Royal Concert Hall by Simon Cowell in Britain’s Got Talent because, and this will make you weep, Cowell can’t stand accordions.

Monday was a pull-out-all-the-stops night . . . The Summer Wind, For Once in My Life, Just The Way You Look Tonight, There Will Never Be Another You. Moondance. Truly music to these ears.

With this standard of music on the menu, Giuliano Binanti can’t fail. He’s been down there 20 years. A total pro. Just the way he is.

Chips are down

They’d never get away with it up here. Salford Council want to ban chips over the counter during school hours before 5pm. It’s a desperate bid – I’d say suicidal – to tackle childhood obesity. Chip shops and fast food chains near schools are targeted.

Podgy pupils around Edinburgh drowning in a mouth-watering potion of salt, sauce and vinegar? Pass me that fish supper, mate!