John Gibson: No turf war for Hearts and friends

Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy
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Funny old game, football. Chummy old game. Hearts and Spartans have been in cahoots over the “wee” club’s Astroturf at Ainslie Park, used by the Jambos when Tynie suffered during the inclement weather.

They’ve bonded and last night Hearts manager John McGlynn was Spartans’ special guest at their dinner at Prestonfield House (immaculate in the dinner suit he’d hired at Slaters, the George Street outfitters). Tonight the appreciative Hearts play Spartans at Tynie.

Slaters’ management showed how chummy the game is. General manager Peter Chesney has Celtic tendencies, his deputy Sandy Bisset measures up to Ibrox.

Clegging it

Time to bring back Charles Kennedy. Staggering, the Lib Dem membership figures slumped from 65,000 at the start of the Coalition to now 49,000. Membership in Kennedy’s day comfortably topped 100,000. What they’ve got here is Calamity Clegg.

Afterwords . .

. . . It’s Woody Allen, bless him, wailing again: “I make films for literate people. I have to assume there are many millions of people in the world who are educated and literate and want sophisticated entertainment that does not cater to the lowest common denominator and is not all about car crashes and bedroom scenes.”

So now you know why you don’t see Woody Allen films advertised on the sides of Lothian Buses. Just get on with it, Woody. Millions of literate people can’t wait to lap up your next movie.