John Gibson: Now meet the pilots in armchairs

Brave: Wartime pilots
Brave: Wartime pilots
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Shame on yourselves! Would your have the nerve, the brass neck, to display wings sewn on to your chest and call yourselves Royal Air Force pilots?

The Air Chief Marshal (name intentionally escapes me) has confirmed that the RAF is recruiting within its Flying Branch personnel who will control unmanned aerial “planes” to be known as Remotely Piloted Air System pilots.

Their own badge will bear the same wings given to conventional pilots. They’ll be calling themselves pilots and their feet won’t leave the ground.

Britain’s youth fought and died to earn their wings 70 years ago. Turning in their graves, surely, at this new breed of armchair airmen.

Dogs of war

Loggerheads. That’s where we are at whenever we’re in touch. The Duchess of Hamilton (call me Kay) positively delights in Staffordshire bull terriers. Cuddly and cute. Me, I see Staffies in a diffeerent lights. Devil dogs, most of them.

You’ll catch my drift from what’s in the papers. In the latest mauling a two-year-old toddler was involved in Craigmillar and, sure enough, a Staffie was the culprit.

Now that I’ve barked, I wish Kay compliments of the season regardless.