John Gibson: Old Alliss in Walker Cup wonderland

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Am I beginning to come over like an old girn? Right. You’ve got me in one.

It was refreshing, I have to say, to get clean away from the crash, bang and wallop of the city’s hububb to the relative peace and quiet of Royal Lytham & St Annes and the keep-the-heid commentary on the Walker Cup by Peter Alliss – we beat the Yanks, by the way.

Alliss on the 17th green: “I see no ships.”

And hailing the composure and presentation of the upstanding young Brits: “If there were a few million more the world would be in good hands.”

And when somebody mis-hit a ball: “That one ended up in Godzilla country.”

You don’t hear stuff like that from any other commentator. Good on yer Peter.

Royal Lytham & St Annes, I was reminded, has been the venue for 11 Opens.

Horse sense

Far be it for me to seem inhospitable but in over-populated Edinburgh during the Festival the bonus for me was the vision of the Kelpies at the West End.

They became the eye-catching asset at Binn’s Corner for some three weeks but vanished the day the Festival officially ended.

The Kelpies should have remained a permanent fixture rather than being, it seemed, plonked there for the passing throng of casual visitors to Festival Edinburgh.

Bring back the Kelpies – for keeps this time!

Hills are alive

Advice from Julie Andrews: “I go to the hills when my heart is lonely.” You’ll catch me in the Pentlands every other night. It’s not that easy, Julie, and you should know.