John Gibson: Only one team in it for Purden

Lawrie Reilly. Picture: Jane Barlow
Lawrie Reilly. Picture: Jane Barlow
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Lives in Edinburgh with his wife and bairns so all he had to do was pop it in the post, aware it would merit a friendly word, so ‘‘Faithful Through and Through’’ has duly arrived.

It’s Richard Burden’s second about his beloved Celtic. Flipped over it because today I’ve a deadline to catch. But it feels good. The colours are good and if it’s good enough for the Scottish Catholic Observer and Catholic Times, it should be good for a lapsed ‘‘Proddy’’ like me.

Besides, Martin O’Neill and Henrik Larsson have joined Purden’s hall of Celtic fame. We’ve yet to see a book about Hibernian with Lawrie Reilly, above, achieving similar status.

Too tight to call

I’m answering today’s Agony Uncle letter: Am I too old for patterned tights? No, George, as long as you wear them under your pyjamas.

The neck of Eck

But has he got the metal? We all know Alex Salmond has a brass neck and here’s the evidence. So desperate for voters he’s grabbing youngsters still warm from the cradle, he has reportedly dropped two collar sizes as a result of a dramatic diet.

To boot, thinning on top and spreading at the middle, unless his suits are lying. Alex’s on a no-hoper. Be honest, I’m advising him, is it worth it? All this is taking years off your life.

Afterwords . . .

. . . Street call for Hallowe’en: “Haw missus, ye cannae be lookin’, here’s aipples fir cookin’, sookin’ an’ dookin’!” Glaswegian in origin and supplied by Jimmy Frame, retired business editor with the Evening News, domciled in Musselburgh, and, surprise, surprise, a Weegie. Happy Hallowe’en, Jim.