John Gibson: Parsons just seems to go on and on

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He’s still at it, still hosting Radio 4’s Just A Minute. At the age of 92. And to think I’d knock him at every opportunity whenever our paths crossed which was often, particularly during the Festival.

Nicholas Parsons was keen for the BBC to end the show when its star Kenneth Williams died at 62, in 1988.

I could spot Parsons a mile off. His trademark was a cravat. He had a trademark, as I’ve said, just as Williams had one – a line from the film Carry On Cleo – “Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me.” Classic stuff.

Parsons will go on and on and on until he hits the century. It must be something in the water.

Dad’s Army never gets old

Captain Mainwaring, will, at long last, turn up on screen in the film of Dad’s Army, later this year.

I keep watching Dad’s Army, repeats and all. I’m just trying to remember how many of Captain Mainwaring’s platoon are still alive. Possibly only Ian Lavender.

My favourite character in the show is the long-gone John Le Mesurier.