John Gibson: Pastry plan from EU is half-baked

Sir David Attenborough. Picture: PA
Sir David Attenborough. Picture: PA
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Would you believe it? Yes, you would. Next on the ever-increasing array of things banned by EU’s master meddlers – Danish pastries. Don’t get me chewing the finer details, I don’t have a clue.

But the bright sparks in Brussels have duly considered that cinnamon – a flavoursome ingredient in these delectable pastries – is toxic. Nasty. Bad for us.

If the EU has its way, Danish pastries will disappear from your bakery shelves. I can’t believe it either.

While we are, indeed, chewing the fast . . . whatever happened to empire biscuits, German biscuits, Paris buns, vanilla slices?

Collie good from clever-clogs dog

Clever bitch. A nine-year-old collie has learned a thousand words and a smattering of English grammar.

That’s a thousand more and a good smatter more than a lot of humans we know.

Scientists in North Carolina claim that the collie, Chaser, has identified 1000 items by name, including 800 cloth animals and 100 plastic toys.

Give that dog a bone.

Afterwords . . .

. . . golden oldie David Attenborough: “If I can do it, why not? It’s not virtuous, you know. It’s just fun.’’

David and your columnist have a similar mindset. Sir David to you (and he’s touchy about that) still on the job at 87 and admitting: “It’s just luck that I am still working.”