John Gibson: Pay homage to heroes at exhibition

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Pictures at an exhibition. With the Festival firing right now, we’ve got them by the dozen. But I have, right here, the pick of the bunch and, this much can be said for it, at least it got me into church.

Namely St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Palmerston Place. Huge building, you can’t miss it. From here on until August 31 they’re running an exhibition there of heroes, one and all, who participated in the Arctic convoys that played a significant role in keeping us – that’s you and me – fed. Sensitively and pictorially, well worth a visit. Catch it if you can. Many of the veterans are still alive and worthy of our admiration.

This exhibition has been compiled like a work of art. I’m repeating myself, I know, but do see it if you possibly can – right up to the end of this month. Admission is free.

Bad language

I know where Terence Stamp is coming from. Or where he’s been. In London, he claims, he feels like an alien, so few people speak his language now. I can get on a bus at the foot of the Walk and by the time I get to the Waverley I’m lucky if I hear somebody speak in my own lingo.

Get the message

A telegram sent by the Nazi No 2, Hermann Goering, to Hitler a week before the latter committed suicide has fetched £35,000 at auction in the States. Never throw out the odd scrap of paper, you’ll have learned from this.

What did the telegram say? We can hazard a guess. Will the Easter Road pitch take a stud for the next cup tie?