John Gibson: Phil can keep on smiling!

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Flamboyant Philip Contini has dubbed it a celebration of Thanksgiving. And it’s bound to be a sell-out in the Vin Caffè on Multrees Walk on November 20.

A celebration of America’s big day. But this dinner/show will be something more. It’s a thank you to the patrons who made this year’s three- and-a-half weeks of Fringe fare at the co-related Valvona & Crolla’s down the road in Elm Row.

Contini’s been at the heart of it with his Be Happy Band, again in the multiple role of singer, raconteur, producer and impresario.

I found him being happy, all smiles, at his headquarters, with author wife Mary and daughter Francesca, who manages Vin Caffè, tending Elm Row’s lunchtime diners.

“It’s doom and gloom across the planet,” conceded Contini, “but we’re having a bountiful year here, still able to be happy.”

Happier still with the coming of his third album, singing Cole Porter songs, True Love, from the Fringe frolic.

Stay with it, Mr C. Down Leith Walk they all get a kick out of you. Just don’t let it go to your head.

Light fantastic

Here they come again. The Edinburgh Light Orchestra with another Queen’s Hall concert and their programme this time includes Elmer Bernstein’s march from The Great Escape.

There’s no escape from the ELO. They keep coming back to the same stage like a song. But usually a good song and their public have become accustomed to material by Richard Rodgers, Robert Farnon and Glenn Miller.

It’s all here on Saturday. Don’t expect fireworks. Some little sparklers, though. Tickets at 0131-668 2019.