John Gibson: Please bin Blandings, Sir Tony

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Director-general of the BBC Sir Tony Hall announces that his firm is making its ‘‘greatest commitment to the arts for a generation’,’ signalling an additional £2.7 million earmarked for cultural output spanning TV, radio, online and the iPlayer.

Couldn’t Sir Tony reserve a few quid from the bonanza on an investigation into how an abomination of a series labelled Blandings was ever allowed to blight our screens?

Simply terrible viewing on every level . . . acting, directing, writing (PG Wodehouse no less). Embarrassingly weak. Never mind the arts, Sir Tony. Dig this. Six feet under and keep it there.

I can confirm that Sir Tony is no relation to Henry Hall, who, with his orchestra, for a long time hosted a guest night on BBC radio. On the wireless, to let you understand.

A carrot a day..

Allow me to prattle on a bit more about carrots, the veg that helped our gallant, scandalously unsung bomber pilots see in the dark with their Lancasters over Germany.

Scientists have discovered that men who eat carrots at least three times a week are almost a fifth less likely – 18 per cent, in fact – to develop prostate cancer, even allowing for other risk factors, including obesity.

Grim reminder: annually 40,000 British men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

An apple a day still helps keep the doctor away but carrots seem to be winning this one. Munch a carrot a day and you’ll probably delight the NHS.