John Gibson: Plenty HP on the pies at Ponton’s

Tom Ponton
Tom Ponton
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Krug champers and shepherd’s pie. That’s the time-honoured menu at Lord Jeffrey Archer’s Christmas party at his Thames-side pad. By special invitation and the cards are in the post.

Tom Ponton, below, may well claim his similarly-themed Jazz ‘n’ Pies shindig at the Oz Bar in Candlemaker Row, 18th in the series, preceded His Lordship’s do and, knowing Mr P, he will, he will!

It’s set for November 28 and, it’s stressed, is a private event. The “gateway to Christmas” as he puts it. Live trad jazz and, as is the tradition, Eleanor Ponton will distribute the pies and ensure there are endless bottles of HP.

TP is just back from a week in Taiwan. With an experienced eye for business, the former Edinburgh city councillor is talking about establishing a renewable energy company there.

Renewable pies with broon sauce? Something for the Taiwanese to mull over.

Fame beckons

God help the lad. I’ve just been looking – and looking again – at a press pic of Brooklyn Beckham. He has, alas, been lumbered with some of his parents’ traits.

The hairstyle for a start. Seems he frequents his dad’s barber. Then there’s the tattoos. He has not had the needle yet far as we are permitted to know (don’t do it, son, you’d deeply regret it in later life) and there’s his father’s glaikit stare. Maybe he’d get that from his mother Victoria, caught posing, exhibiting with Brooklyn at a photo shoot.

We have to wonder what mum and dad allow him for pocket money.

All in all the lad’s got my sympathy. Wonder what he’ll be once he grows up? Answer on a postcard. Essentially a blank postcard.