John Gibson: Question is, am I on the FBI’s files?

Noddy Holder
Noddy Holder
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No kidding. I’ve had to tell the FBI to get off my back. Yes, after all these years.

In the early Seventies, when I was on the David Frost Show they had me taped.

The show was suspected of anti-American bias. Smears. Frostie the showman wasn’t that much a political animal but the Yanks were jittery.

A newly released 45-page dossier has been obtained by the New York Post under the Freedom of Info set-up. I didn’t know they had one in the States.

The Bureau’s director J Edgar Hoover was so convinced Frost was implicated with Communism that he had agents planted in the studio audience. For all I know, there could have been one sitting next to me.

Innocence personified, I had a post-show burger at the nearest deli and went straight home to bed. I didn’t tell them I once shook hands with Dixon. Of Dock Green.

For Nod’s sake

Jobs for the boys. I’ve got a stoater right here. You’re in with a chance if you can knock up a Christmas carol on the back of an envelope. The Queen wants to hear from you.

Master of the Queen’s Music composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has penned a royal Christmas carol, his last before the retires. The choir at the Chapel Royal will have first crack at it at St James’s Palace. I’ve touted Noddy Holder for the post but it’s still up for grabs. Just let me advise you the Queen is a lousy payer.

By the way, Noddy’s not had a gong and Ringo, the world’s worst drummer, keeps polishing the one plastered on to him. How come?