John Gibson: See it out of the Square window

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Wow, cop these windows! Again Harvey Nicks are excelling with their festive displays, bringing a classy touch to St Andrew Square. They’ve made it a habit, says managing direct Gordon Drummond in all modesty.

It’s what’s known within the company as “Christmas with a fashion forward perspective,” adds Mr Drummond, delighted to be contributing to the Square’s ambience at this time and ready to welcome the trams.

Janet Wardley, head of vision merchandising, supervised the Christmas window dressing for all eight of the Harvey Nichols stores in the UK.

Bubbling under

Let’s get fizzical. Aussie scientists, who perhaps have been sunning themselves on Ayers Rock for too long, are putting the frighteners on us. Too many fizzy drinks can bring on brain damage, they’re warning.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with my brain (tell me, is there?). And my brother, the brains in the family, was a fizzisist in a lemonade factory.

A university researcher in Sydney bubbles: “I think we can say that drinking too many soft drinks can affect brain chemistry as well as your waistline.” And adds: “Our research suggests the long-term consumption of sugar-sweetened drink can cause a profound change in brain chemistry.”

I’m prepared to concede that my brain does hurt on occasion. Usually at Easter Road but Dr Butcher hopes to take care of that Whatever happened to Tizer, by the way? Loved the shape of the bottle.

Afterwords . . .

. . . My advice to the Monty Python mob making a comeback to cover their mortgages: just don’t. Your humour is yesterday’s potatoes. Your holy grail will fail.