John Gibson: She’s skint, would you believe?

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If you see her walking down the street, do make sure you walk on by. Every chance she’ll tap you for a dollar or a dime. She’ll sing for your loose change.

Dionne Warwick, who has sold 100 million records. Reportedly has only £13,000 to her name and is £7 million in debt. She’s being sued by the tax man in California.

They’re claiming she has filed for bankruptcy.

Dionne apparently does know the way to San Jose but seemingly not to her accountant. Burt Bacharach is no longer with us, otherwise she might well have leaned on him.

Nae Mair, ta

If you wait long enough, your turn will come. Everybody is getting a shot at fronting The Andrew Marr Show. While Andrew recovers from illness, the BBC keep wheeling some of their stalwarts for the Sunday morning shift.

Sophie Raworth performed fairly well. Then Eddie Mair. It’s not a knees-up, we’re aware, it’s ‘‘responsible’’ television. Marr nevertheless mixed it with a certain charm, where the relatively boot-faced Mair is, shall we say, rather intense.

Whatever he has to fill Marr’s shoes (one spat with Boris Johnson shot him to ‘‘fame’’) it sure ain’t charm. No offence, Eddie. Keep yer hair on.

Afterwords . . .

. . . “Local government is useless.” Got that straight from the horse’s mouth. From Parky, in fact, self-confessed grumpy old man at 77.